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Meet The Team

Jenn is an empathetic and curious start-up leader.   


She is the co-founder of Sideclick Remotes, a consumer tech hardware company funded on Kickstarter in 2016.  Jenn is experienced at taking a product from idea to market while building strong relationships with customers and retail partners. 


Fun fact:

Huge Armcherry and once sent Dax Shepard a Sideclick which Kristen Bell gifted to him on-air on the Armchair Expert Podcast...all from just writing a sincere fan letter.  

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Brett wanted to be an engineer since elementary school and was comfortable using power tools even before that. This eventually led him to the University of Florida where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. 

Brett has always had a passion for product design and has 20 years of engineering design experience ranging from consumer products to jet engines. He is an inventor, designer, fabricator, and a family man.

Brett and his wife Jenn co-founded their first company, Sideclick, in 2016. Sideclick was launched on Kickstarter and went on to sell products worldwide through major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. 

Fun Fact: 

Brett's great grandfather, Samuel Epstein, owned a hardware store in West Orange New Jersey that Thomas Edison used to shop at.

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Tinkerer by day, tinkerer by night. Ryan has spent the better part of his life focused on his passion for engineering and consumer tech. His breadth of knowledge across multiple disciplines has really helped take Scout from a concept on paper to a viable production design. 

Ryan is from Michigan (Go Blue) and has worked in consumer electronics production, on aircraft development and on jet engines along with Brett.

Fun Fact:
Ryan has won his neighborhood holiday lights competition 3 years in a row. Yes, he's THAT guy.

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